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Learning the Biggest Lesson

With all the new energies coming into the world it is not surprising that so many are eager to learn more, and start getting proficient at healing and reading for others. The human way of looking at spirituality is that more is better, and the more we know the better we can be. However, Spirit would ask us to take breath and think about what it is we are trying to achieve. We come from a place where everything is known; and we go back to that place when we pass from here. So, why do we need to know so much?

Again, the human answer to that question is that we need to know so much so we can be better than we already are. Really? Are we not already Spirit, and always shall be? Can you imagine hordes of enthusiastic and very clever humans travelling home to heaven showing God everything they have learned here. What is He going to say? I can guess that He will very patiently explain to each of us returnees that we are One, and that we already know all the stuff there is to know.

So why are we here?

I am not supposed to tell you this, because we are here to figure this out for ourselves, but it has to do with knowing that the world is full of abundance and that we can be very happy if we choose to share it. The universe and the multi-dimensional kingdoms are vast, and equally full of abundance. There is no need to own anything. If we can learn to share this little world, we can show we have learned that we need nothing.

So, by all means learn how to be the best healer and the best medium, and talk in trance, and be very highly trained and qualified spiritualists. But have you learned the simple trick of giving away all your worldly possessions? Ah, that is the one qualification we find so hard to gain.

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