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Reading for Church 2nd July 2017

As I was chairing for another divine service on Sunday 2nd July at our East Grinstead Spiritual Church, I always tune into my Spirit Guides and ask for some words from them to read out during the service. The readings I am given are always relevant to someone in our congregation, as was the case on Sunday, so I have added the reading in the blog below. (Mike Gillies).

Greetings from the Spirit Realms. We are of course aware of the pain and anguish that continues to permeate the fabric of physical life on the planet at this time. We wish you could see the planet in its true form as we do, and of course you will when it is time for each one of you to return home to these Spirit Realms.

As each day begins in your physical life it brings perhaps new experiences, new friendships, new knowledge, new understandings. Many will say "well, nothing new and exciting ever happens in my life" and sometimes this is because there is a need to mark time to allow certain pieces of an individuals personal 'jigsaw' to be put in place. It has been said many times now in communications from Spirit that there are no 'accidents' or co-incidents, nothing has been left to chance to ensure that each individual experiences that which will help with their spiritual growth on a level that cannot be seen or understood from your present perspective.

So we urge you to look at your world and what is going on through fresh eyes, remembering who you really are, spiritual energy squeezed and confined in your physical body, but your mind is capable of expanding out into the limitless expanses of the universe. We smile when we here someone say 'oh, I'm loosing my mind'! you can never loose it, parts of it my shut down temporarily as part of a protective mechanism, then the brain having lost some input thinks it has lost its mind!, the brain being the 'interface' for the mind, but perhaps that is a discussion for another time - Ah, time, something else that does not exist outside of your world, but we are going 'off script' as it were now!

So remember who you are, send out thoughts of love, tolerance, compassion, and most important of all, do not judge all you see going on, but look at it anew, let your intuition be your guide, for that is how we reach out to you to help and guide you through each day.

We leave you once more in Gods Love and Light Now and Always.

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