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Channelled Reading

A channelled reading from Spirit for East Grinstead Spiritual Church service on Sunday 7th May 2017.

Greetings once again from the Spirit Realms. In these present time’s, it is easy to overlook the beauty that is here on the planet and goes largely un-noticed for many reasons. Of course there are those who have a vested interest in keeping you in fear, fear of lack, fear of loss, fear that somehow you don’t measure up to other people’s ideas, their expectations. Sometimes people project their own perceived short comings onto others and say, look, it’s you, not me that does not measure up to what I expect. In looking for answers for themselves, others often find they are carrying someone else’s burden. When this happens, you fail to remember the beauty that is inside each one of you, that part of God that resides in each human being.

God knows you, knows your worth, knows the path you have chosen to walk during this present physical incarnation, it is a path that started many, many lifetimes ago, a path that you walk with others that share your ‘life stream’ your soul group.

So, the beauty that surrounds you is as nothing compared to the beauty of the individual soul as we see you. This beauty is inside you always, nothing can take that away.

Trust in God’s love for you always.

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