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Communication from Spirit

When asking for an inspired writing from Spirit I often have an idea about what I want to write about, but my spirit guides always have their own way of wanting me to write these communications, they often let me have the first few lines, then I find I am writing something completely different, but always relevant to what is going on in our physical world. I was given the following communication last Saturday afternoon (June 4th) to read out at our church service on the following day, As you read the communication, please keep in mind what happened in London last Saturday evening (Terrorist attack, 6 people killed).

In the month of June 73 years ago, June 1944, time stood still for countless thousands of young men & women in Europe as the free world stood together to stem and turn back the tide of darkness that threatened to engulf the entire planet. The rest, as you say, is history as on June 6th 1944 forces of the 'free' world set foot back on European soil to liberate the countries that fell under the darkness that emanated from the centre of Europe.

But, that darkness & negativity never disappeared completely. It hid from the light for a while, then reappeared again having changed its appearance to move with the times. It allied itself with those in many 'high offices' to bring about chaos through bribery & corruption to countries without strong, honest leadership. It colluded with those who prevented good, honest men & women from being in positions from which to bring an end to the dishonesty, corruption & mismanagement of the Earths people & its resources.

However, change is coming, & the darkness knows this, can feel happening. The collective consciousness of the inhabitants of this planet is waking up to its spirituality. What would have been acceptable years ago, such as words & deeds towards each other are now seen as unacceptable, & yes, there is still much work needed in this area but the change in attitudes to social injustice has started & gains momentum despite what is depicted in your newspapers & on TV screens -----sensationalism sells ------& it also does its bit to spread the old enemy, darkness, so watch, read & listen ----if you must to these news outlets, but we ask you to use your own intuition when digesting the world news. Be open to what feels right & what feels 'suspicious' with reported happenings. Spirit works through your higher self & your intuition on so many different levels to help you make sense of the world in which you currently find yourselves living. And as the vibrations of the planet and you, its inhabitants, speed up, this will eventually lead to 'intuitive living', this will feel right to those who embrace the light. Those who continue to facilitate the work of darkness in all its many forms will, alas, not fare too well in the coming new age of Togetherness, connectivity, tolerance & understanding. You are all one, but each one is on an individual journey back home to the 'One'. May you continue to live and evolve in the light & love of the Creator of all things.

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