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Reading Channelled from Spirit

A new venture 'East Grinstead Spiritual Community' held their first 'Sunday service' yesterday (Sun 4th Feb). I asked Spirit for a reading, to be read out during the service. I wanted to share it with everyone as well as the congregation at the service, so here it is.

Sunday Service Feb 4th 2018

A communication from Spirit

Our dear friends, we greet you once again in love and are pleased to be able to share these words with you on this the first of your new Sunday services.

It is important to be able to meet with each other to talk, to pray, to sing, for each one of these ‘exercises’ creates and sends out a ripple of vibrations that travel through the eithers, through the air that you breath. Imagine wading through water, as you move you create a ‘wake’ behind you and a wave or ripple in front and to the side. Now in your science, air is considered a ‘fluid’ so it stands to reason that as you move through the air you leave a wake behind you and waves and ripples in front and around you, in other words you cannot move an inch without having an effect on your surroundings or those around you. You are an inseparable part of the planet and therefore the universe, oh yes, time to ‘think big’ time to realise that every individual is having an effect on the ‘soup’ that you exist in through the thoughts and words that are sometimes carelessly thrown ‘out there’, words also have an energy of their own as well as your thoughts, so guard them well!

This is why it is so important that meetings such as this one here today bring you, our beloved ones, our light workers, together to send out your prayers of love and healing for the planet which at this present time in its evolution, and in humanities own evolution away from the old energies of past generations, must continue, must continue to generate and spread the ripples of love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding. The planet needs you, needs your love, needs humanity to be a better caring ‘tenant’ while you are ‘borrowing’ your space on its surface during your physical lifetimes if you don’t want to be evicted for being careless with the ‘furniture’!

We know that you, gathered here today, do wish for the best and do the best you can in your work for Spirit and those around you, so we wish you all love and joy from our side of the veil and happily merge our energy with yours as you transmit your love and light out into the universe, remember, Think Big! You are not alone!

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