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These are exciting times. The 5D energy is here. Yes already. Even light workers can find the new energies demanding, that old ways don't work so well. This is because, in the new energies, new ways will have to be found. It is like getting into a car that is automatic, there is no clutch. There is no point pressing a clutch pedal that is no longer there. We need to talk to our Angels, ask them to help us how to do the new things, and adapt to the new ways.

5D means inter-dimensional travel, the end of working for a living - no wonder the darkness doesn't want you to go anywhere near the light! The dark wants you to grovel in the mud and stay blind to anything but the chaos of negative thinking. Good luck to that.

5D is blocking out the darkness in ways even the dark ones cannot grasp. They are losing their grip on you, but they struggle anyway to get you to believe that there are people out there with planes that will fly into the tall buildings and drop nuclear weapons on you for not believing in their god. This is cheap darkness propaganda - and people fall for it - and go to wars.

Light is all about energy. We live in 3D body suits, and the 5D energy is like the world has suddenly got a new atmosphere. Our body suits are designed to adapt, and they are doing so, but we feel all out of sorts as this is happening. You feel tired, you are getting headaches - its all part of the change - and it will keep changing for a while to come. We cannot move to an inter-dimensional environment just like that. It is being introduced by Source over several generations. In the meantime, you will see substantial change.

For example, the gifts are being sent to us one at a time. The first gift is a heightened sense of intuition. Now you can clearly hear your guardian Angels speaking directly to you. That voice in your head that is you, but somehow not you - that is your Angel. You always have had a direct line to God, but it was fuzzy, and you could block it out. Now you hear the voice of Spirit, and you cannot block it out. You will know what is best for you, which path to take, who is lying and is going to cheat on you. In future, it is going to be really hard for people to openly tell lies. They will be lit up for us all to see like big red lights. We are going to get honest politicians.

Telepathy is coming along. Ooh this is going to be a knockout for the darkness. Try telling lies to a telepath. Flying and teleportation will come later, but imagine a world when you don't need a phone, you can be wherever you want to be instantaneously. You hardly ever get old, never get ill, and you can create what you need by thinking about it. No tax, no insurance, no mortgage, no debt, total freedom to be. It sounds perfect, and it will come over about the next ten generations. In the meantime our children are going to be born wise, knowing their previous lifetimes. Yes, kids knowing how to write, play the piano, and drive your car. Its going to change the world.

Want to be part of it? Choose light, tell the truth, be kind. That's about all it takes. The dark ones will think you're mad but they will live out their karmic lives on some other planet next time round. You can come back here to new Earth and have fun being a light human. See you around!

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