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When we think of ourselves as spiritual, how aware of our spiritual self do we choose to be? The purpose of Spiritual Awakening is to help members of our community to become more self-aware and have confidence in themselves going forwards.

You do not have to be especially good to be aware. How you treat others will have a bearing, but being aware of who you really are is where we all start.

So, do you really know yourself? Do you like yourself? Are you satisfied with who you are? Would you like to make some changes?

This is where our community is designed to help you. If you truly wish to know who you are and what you are doing here, our programme of events, through contact with the other side and our workshops, is designed to help you develop.

Our challenge is to help you to become the best individual that you can possibly be.

I am the author, Barry John Martin, and the first five books of my HEAVEN'S SERIES are available from Amazon books

If you are interested in attending a Q & A evening at a future time at the Old Court House in East Grinstead, I would be pleased to answer your questions on any spiritual matter.

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