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A New day

Good morning, how did you start your day today, did you decide the day would be a 'bad day' even before you put a foot outside the bed, or did you upon waking, declare that 'today is going to be a good day'! even before you got up. Just how your day progresses has little to do with the weather outside, but how you mentally approach the coming day. As spiritual beings of eternal light you have the power to 'order up' the sort of day that you wish for. We are talking about the power of attraction here, think positive thoughts about every aspect of your life, and let the universal energy do the rest, but take heed, as soon as you think 'that won't work for me but I'll try it anyway' you have lost the game before it starts. Yes, it is hard to be positive when perhaps there is physical or financial hardship (or perhaps both) but there is much to gain for the soul by overcoming such burdens as seen from your physical aspect. God wishes you joy and love at all times. so capitalise on that, bring his love and joy into your life at the start of each new day.

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